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Muscat: On Oman’s National Day, Ali Mohammadi, also known Omantripper, says he is most proud of how his country’s human capital has evolved. “Obviously the Omani renaissance has to be the major transformation that impacted us Omanis in the most positive way. I am proud of the evolution of our human capital - in terms of income, quality of life and most importantly, education.”

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Ali Mohammadi

For Laila Al Habsi, the first Arab woman to dive in the deepest lake in the world, Lake Baikal, a paradigm shift of focus from oil and gas to mining and energy supercharges her. “The improved guidelines on animal welfare and of course the ban on single use plastic are both great steps forward.”

Maryam Al Zadjali Oman’s premier artiste and the ex-Chairman of Omani Society of Fine Arts, feels proud of the giant strides taken by Oman in the field of health care, education and women’s emancipation. “When I was a young girl, there used to be just one health centre and a hospital that we could go to. But look at the variety and range you have now in this field! The healthcare systems and education have made inroads into the interior towns and villages of Oman and it is indeed a major feat to see every citizen enjoy the fruits of development.”

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Maryam Al Zadjali

Challenges ahead

“The biggest challenge that every country is facing today, and Oman is not an exception, is the economic crisis brought about by COVID-19. Its impact is felt on the employment opportunities or the lack thereof, among our youth and in their ability to grow and sustain life.”

Ali also feels strongly about the need to reduce reliance on fossil fuels-based economy. He said that by doing his bit for enhancing his productivity, he can inspire others to put in their best efforts to achieve meaningful contributions.

Laila wants Oman to ensure ESG (Environmental Social Governance) that will come with improved mining regulations. “Long term, the main focus should shift to downstream, to ensure a strong ‘value added’ mining industry and proper economising of resources. With new changes come new challenges, but I strongly believe with the guidance of our Sultan Haitham Al Said, Oman has the right mindset to overcome them.”

Maryam says that the main challenge for any nation is to restore the economic shake-up that has happened due to the pandemic situation across the world. “I am sure our government machinery has smooth plans to tackle the short-term and long-term issues arising due to to coronavirus.