Wadi Damm oman
Wadi Damm in Damm, Oman, April 20, 2023. A massive tornado accompanied by thunderclouds hit the Wilayat of Ja’alan Bani Bu Ali in South Al Sharqiyah Governorate of Oman on Saturday. Image Credit: Reuters

Dubai: The Wilayat of Ja’alan Bani Bu Ali in South Al Sharqiyah Governorate experienced a rare meteorological phenomenon on Saturday when a massive tornado accompanied by large thunderclouds touched down in the area, Oman Meteorology confirmed the event in a statement.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) had issued an alert, warning that South Al Sharqiyah, North Al Sharqiyah, and parts of Muscat, Al Dakhiliyah, and Al Wusta Governorates were expected to experience heavy thundershowers ranging between 20 mm and 75 mm.


The CAA also cautioned that the rainfall could lead to flash floods in Wadis and generate strong downdrafts with speeds of 28-64 km/h, as well as poor horizontal visibility due to dust rising during thundershowers.

Saturday’s tornado caused injury to a woman and damaged multiple properties in Jaalan.

In an unusual occurrence, a second powerful tornado hit Jaalan Bani Bu Ali within 48 hours on Sunday afternoon. Several residents captured videos of the tornado, and Oman Met confirmed its presence in a statement.

Today’s weather forecast indicates cloud advection over most governorates, with a chance of isolated rain and occasional thundershowers accompanied by downdraft winds over the governorates of South Al Sharqiya, North Al Shargiya, as well as the mountainside of Muscat, Al Dakhylia, and South Al Batinah. There is a possibility of dust rising due to strong northwesterly winds over desert and open areas.

Additionally, low-level clouds or fog patches may develop late at night or early morning over parts of South Al Shargiya, Al Wusta, and Dhofar governorates, and along the Oman Sea coast. Horizontal visibility might be reduced during rain, fog formation, and thundershowers.