Flexible salary options for UAE employees
Illustrative image. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: The Omani Ministry of Labour is aiming to create 35,000 job opportunities for Omanis in both the public and private sectors this year.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Labour Minister Professor Mahad Bin Said Bin Ali Baawain announced that 14,000 jobs will be available through employment and replacement in the private sector, while 10,000 employment and replacement opportunities will be provided in the public sector.

Additionally, 2,000 opportunities resulting from training and re-placement will be provided from the human resources development sector in the public sector, 5,000 opportunities resulting from training associated with employment and on-the-job training in the private sector, and 2,000 opportunities from sector initiatives supervised by government agencies and units in the private sector.

The minister revealed that 80,403 jobs were created in 2022, includ-ing over 45,000 employment opportunities for the first time in the private and public sectors, and 35,377 jobs within job rotation.