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Dubai: In a major overhaul of labour laws in Oman, the government published a new decree defining the protections and obligations of employees and employers.

The law defines the rules and protections in place for both Omanis and expatriates.

One key change is the maternity leave available to working mothers in the country. New mothers can get 98 days (over 3 months) of maternity leave covering pre- and post-natal requirements.

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As for other changes, the law specifies the probation periods applicable for employees. The probation period must not extend beyond 3 (three) months for employees who earn their wages monthly, and no more than 2 (two) months for those compensated by other means.

Each worker is limited to a single probation period with any given employer. If the probation period is successfully completed, it will count towards the worker's overall service period.

The employer or the worker can opt to terminate the contract, but must give at least a seven-day notice to the other party.

Paternity leave, sick leave

Among the new rules, new leaves were granted, which represented the granting of 7 days of paternity leave, 15 days of caregiver leave to accompany a sick person, and an increase in the number of sick leave days to 182 days.

The law also included privileges for working women, including one hour a day to take care of their child, and the provision of a place designated for resting in institutions in which the number of female workers exceeds 25.

Female employees are also entitled to one year of unpaid leave to care for their children.