The village of Hail Al Ghaf in Quriyat is known for producing delicious mangoes and other fruit. Image Credit: Supplied

Muscat: The variety of mango grown in the village of Hail Al Ghaf in Quriyat is famous for their succulence and sweetness and this year mango farmers are hopeful of a bounty harvest during Ramadan.

Hail Al Ghaf mango is one of the finest types of mangoes in the Sultanate and is known in different names among the locals, prominent among them being lumpa hamba. The demand for Omani mango is high in the local market where it is consumed in huge quantities.

Apart from being a cash crop of the region, the mango groves also give a unique character to the village of Ghaf. The landmark entrance to the village is marked by a uniquely shaped mango tree, which leads to an expansive mango grove with a winding falaj running in the middle.

Popular varieties

Omanis use mango in many ways, apart from enjoying it as a fruit. It is also used to make pickle. Mango is also used in cooking as a food sweetener. The most popular varieties of mango trees in Oman go by the names of peaches, zanzibari, al-bab, al-hokum, al-hara, al-waghla, al-dabbous, camphor, pepper, horses, and Hilal.

Several varieties of mangoes are produced in Hail Al Ghaf. Image Credit: Supplied

Over a period of time yield in some trees have begun to decline due to diseases, but the important varieties that have been present for a long time, are still in good shape giving optimum yield. Mango is not the only produce from the picturesque Ghaf village. Many other vegetables and fruits are also farmed here including palm, banana, lemon and eggplant.