Muscat: A 19 year-old Omani woman is battling for her life after she was assaulted by a housemaid in Bahla province on Monday afternoon.

The Ethiopian maid attacked the girl and her father, the sponsor, with a cleaver, an official at the Royal Oman Police (ROP) said.

The girl suffered a fractured skull, while her father sustained minor injuries on his hand. The father was later discharged from Nizwa hospital on Monday.

The girl was transferred from Nizwa hospital to Khoulah hospital in the capital Muscat due to her critical condition. An official at Khoulah hospital told Gulf News that her condition is still unstable.

“She is now in the intensive care unit (ICU)”, says the official.

A close source from the family told Gulf News that the girl and the maid had a heated argument before the incident took place.

The source did not give further details about the incident.

ROP arrested the housemaid and an investigation is underway.

The official at the ROP affirmed that such incidents are very rare in Oman.

According to Omani Penal Code, a suspect who assaults someone with the help of a knife or sharp object and causes permanent disability could face up to five years in jail.