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Visitors to Oman will have to undergo a compulsory PCR test 72 hours prior to their flights. Image Credit: Bloomberg

Muscat: In the wake of the decision to open Oman’s air, land and sea borders, the rules to enter the country have also been modified. These new rules shall prevail and will override all other previous ones.

The entry through international borders permissible from 1200 hours on December 29, will require visitors to undergo a compulsory PCR test before arriving into the Sultanate.

Even those coming for short visits with duration of less than seven days have to undergo quarantine, as mandated by the Supreme Committee and announced yesterday.

Another test

The pre-arrival COVID-19 test, bearing a negative certificate, before entering Oman should be done within 72 hours prior to date of boarding the flight. On arrival, passengers have to undergo another PCR test at the airport, the results of which will be available within 24 hours through the Tarassud app which has to be downloaded with registration done through the app, before arrival to Oman.

While citizens, GCC residents and those residents who have health insurance cards are exempted from health insurance, others have to have a health insurance with coverage for COVID-19 treatment.

A tracking bracelet provided at the borders is to be worn throughout the week-long quarantine. The bracelet will be removed only after the compulsory PCR test results done on the eighth day comes back negative. For those in employment in Oman, it may also be noted that the quarantine period will not be treated as paid sick leave.