More Indian expats in Oman are set to be repatriated under Phase 5 of the Vande Bharat Mission from August 16 to 31. Image Credit: Supplied

Muscat: The Indian Embassy in Oman has released information about flights to India under Phase 5 of the Vande Bharat Mission (VBM) from August 16 to 31 from Muscat to various Indian cities.

The new schedule lists flights to Goa and Mumbai (served by the same flight) on August 16, to Tiruchirapalli and Calicut on August 17 and also on August 31, Lucknow and Chennai on August 18 and 25, to Kannur on August 20 and 27, to Mumbai on August 21 and 29, to Kochi on August 22 and 30, to Trivandrum on August 22 and 28, to Delhi on August 23 and 31, to Bangalore and Mangalore (served by same flight) on August 24 and 31, to Hyderabad on August 25, and to Vijayawada on August 26. Changes if any on these flights will be announced subsequently by the Indian Embassy.


Anuj Swarup, Second Secretary, at the Indian Embassy in Oman told Gulf News that all the VBM flights of Phase 5 from Oman have departed as per schedule thanks to the excellent cooperation received from Omani authorities. “Till August 9, six flights have departed from Oman under Phase 5 of VBM, on which a total 917 passengers have travelled to India. There is sufficient demand for all the sectors scheduled under Phase 5 till mid-August.”

As done with previous VBM flights, the passenger lists for all the above mentioned flights will be finalized by the Embassy on the basis of information received by it. The Embassy will be floating an online form for seeking confirmation of passengers to travel on any particular flight and then share the list with Air India.

Passengers will be contacted by the airline directly for tickets’ booking. The passengers after registering online may also contact the Air India offices directly. However priority like in earlier flights, will be given to those with medical emergencies, those in distress, senior citizens, pregnant women, as well as other Indian citizens who are in difficult situations.

The cost of the ticket will have to be borne by the passengers, who are also required to confirm acceptance of all conditions of travel, including quarantine requirements in India, as well as health requirements to board the flights.