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Manama: A stud sheep has set a new record in Kuwait after it was sold for 80,000 dinars (Dh1.03 million).

The two-year-old sheep, named “The German” by its owner, possesses special attributes that cannot be easily found in other breeds, sheep breeders said, quoted by local daily Al Rai on Tuesday.

Two people have paid the huge amount of money together to acquire The German, its former owner Thamer Ubaid Al Dhufairi said.

“Bidding and consultations for the sheep started in the evening and continued well into the next day,” he said. “We were hoping for a 100,000 dinar price tag, but we eventually agreed to lower our expectations out of respect for the two breeders who bought The German,” he said.

He added that the stud sheep was initially named “Istareeh” (Take a break), but the name was changed after the German football team earlier this month won the football World Cup.

“I am highly optimistic and I am expecting to have new sheep that should be as special as The German,” Al Dhufairi said. “When he was young, The German took part in a highly competitive contest and came tenth. I am positive about the future,” he said.

According to the daily, the previous record for a stud sheep in Kuwait was 65,000 dinars and was set a few months ago.