Kuwait floods 2
A flooded street in Kuwait on Friday night. The country received 29.63mm of rain since Thursday. Image Credit: Kuwait News Agency

Manama: Kuwait's Public Works Minister and Minister of State for Municipal Affairs Hossam Al Roumi has resigned amid massive flooding across the country.

Kuwait's army and National Guard joined rescue efforts, the KUNA state news agency reported on Friday.

Footage posted on social media from across Kuwait showed torrents sweeping away cars as sewage systems failed to drain the heavy downpour.

The meteorological department of Kuwait's Directorate General of Civil Aviation reported that the country has received 29.63 millimeters since Thursday evening, a significantly high amount for Kuwait in a 24-hour span.


Community centers near flooded streets will be open overnight to shelter people stranded on the road. The Interior Ministry warned citizens not to leave their homes.

Al Roumi expressed his "deep regret" about the severe destruction of properties owned by citizens and residents.

181109 Kuwait floods
Kuwait's army has stepped in to help people caught in the massive flooding. Image Credit: Supplied

“Everyone knows that I am new at the Ministry of Public Works and that I have exerted every effort to carry out my responsibilities in developing work, protecting public funds, combating corruption and working with my colleagues,” he said in a statement on Friday evening.

“Based on my moral responsibility and in support of the approach taken by His Highness the Prime Minister to assume the consequences of the heavy responsibility borne by the Government, I submitted my resignation to His Highness the Prime Minister.”


Reiterating his apologies to all the Kuwaitis and foreigners who suffered from the rain, Al Roumi said that he fully appreciated the “sincere efforts exerted by officials in government agencies to deal with this extreme circumstance and to minimise the damage.”

On Tuesday, Kuwait suspended work at ministries, government institutions and schools a bid to ensure people's safety and to minimise risks of accidents and mishaps following the heavy outpour.

The interior ministry told citizens and expatriates to avoid venturing out of their homes while the authorities attempt to deal with challenges from the heavy downpour in the northern Arabian country.

Road users were warned to exercise the highest levels of caution due to the driving difficulties, traffic congestions and floods caused by the unstable weather conditions.

Several officials were held responsible and disciplinary measures, including dismissals and retirement, were announced.

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