Manama: Kuwaitis planning to spend time in Europe have been urged to comply with a ban on burqas - full-face veil - imposed by some countries.

The Kuwaiti foreign affairs ministry said that the ban was introduced last year and that citizens needed to respect the law of the lands they plan to visit this summer.

Several conservative Kuwaiti and Gulf families tend to keep their traditional clothing when they go to Europe despite newly imposed restrictions by some countries.

The advise was among many issued by the ministry as thousands of Kuwaitis get ready to fly to Europe and other destinations to avoid the local scorching summer heat.

Kuwaitis need to check that their passports are valid for at least another six months from the day of their arrival to their destination and to ensure that they have the proper visas, the ministry said.

Special care should be given to the Schengen visas and travelers should make sure that the purpose of the visit corresponds to the type of visa accorded by the embassy.

The Schengen visa allows travellers to cross borders between several European countries on one visa rather than on visas for each of the Schengen zone countries.

The rule stipulates that the embassy of the first country should grant the Schengen visa. However, several Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) citizens and residents, weary of long queues or distant dates, tend to apply for visas that allow them to enter the Schengen zone regardless of the first country where they are supposed to enter.

Kuwaitis were also urged to declare the amount of money they have when they arrive to their destination to avoid problems with the customs, the ministry said.

Health insurances covering the countries where they are traveling are also needed to avoid onerous charges in case of medical emergency, according to the ministry statement.

Kuwaitis should also take advantage of technological advances and use the internet to gather information about the places they plan to visit.

"Kuwaiti nationals are the best ambassadors of their country and this status means respect for the laws of other countries and a consolidation of the shining picture of Kuwaitis abroad," the embassy said.