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Cairo: Kuwait will start “filtering” driving licences issued for expatriates, who make up the country’s majority, by reviewing the holders’ data and revoking those of the ineligible ones, local media reported.

The revision aims at ensuring that foreign holders of driving licences meet the requirements in terms of qualifications and wages.

Al Jarida newspaper, citing a security source, reported that for example there are expatriate accountants who had earlier obtained driving licences on the grounds of having a pay cheque of KD600 per month and holding a university degree, but later moved to another job on a monthly salary of KD400. “In this case, the driving licence will be withdrawn,” the source said.

Other disqualified holders include migrants who obtained the driving licence for working as drivers, but later moved to a different job that does not meet the eligibility requirements, according to the source.

“The driving licences will not be renewed unless they meet the requirements and if they don’t do, they will be invalidated,” the source added.

In implementing the new system, the Interior Ministry will coordinate with the Public Authority of Manpower that keeps data on expatriates and can provide information on the foreigners who have moved to new jobs and as such are no longer qualified to keep their driving licences.

A large category of expatriates have their driving licences revoked in recent months when they applied to renew them for the same reasons, the source said without giving specific figures.

“The Interior Ministry will give an enough grace period to apply the new measures to avoid crowding at the traffic departments,” the source said.

Foreigners make up nearly 3.4 million of Kuwait’s total population of 4.6 million.