Image Credit: Gulf News archive

Cairo: Kuwaiti police had arrested a Syrian man after he was seen jogging in the street in the naked, Kuwaiti newspaper Al Rai reported on Sunday.

His arrest was in response to several reports filed with security authorities about a young man who was jogging nude on a street.

On arrival at the scene, the police found the man lying on the ground exhausted for having jogged for a long distance, according to the report. He was transferred to a local hospital for medical treatment.

After the man’s recovery, he was identified as a Syrian expatriate aged 30 and he had gone out on the street without clothes under the influence of drink.

The man, now in custody, has been accused of offending public morals, a security source told the paper.

“He is now in the remand pending legal procedures against him,” the source added.

If convicted, he could be expelled from Kuwait.