What is Porsche’s approach to electromobility?

The ambition of Porsche AG is for more than 80 per cent of vehicles delivered to customers globally in 2030 to be all-electric. Our first all-electric vehicle, the Taycan four-door sports car, is already a success. Taycan shows that we can produce electric vehicles that are also true Porsche sportscars. We see ourselves as a pioneer in sustainable mobility. As well as e-mobility, we are also investing in e-fuels.

How is the Porsche community in the region?

There is a strong and vibrant Porsche community in the Middle East. There are some amazing Porsche sports cars here, with many passionate owners and collectors. We are working to grow this passion for Porsche even further, and to connect these likeminded Porsche fans and enthusiasts with events like our Icons of Porsche festival.

Can you tell us about Icons of Porsche?

Porsche sports cars, even those considered classic or special edition, are regularly driven and enjoyed by their owners. The idea behind Icons of Porsche is to give these cars a stage. It allows fans and the general public to see these amazing cars. It is also an opportunity for enthusiasts to come together and share their passion for the brand they love.

Last year’s inaugural Icons of Porsche festival attracted over 7,000 people. The event caters for car enthusiasts, as well as families, tourists, art lovers and luxury consumers. We have different areas offering art exhibitions, live performances, clothing, food and beverage options, and of course Porsche sportscars from the Porsche Museum in Germany and local cars from across the region.

This year’s festival will have a safari theme, as we celebrate Porsche’s heritage and success in off-road and rallying. This links well with the adventurous nature of many car enthusiasts in the Middle East. We will also celebrate 20 Years of our Cayenne SUV and 70 Years of Porsche Clubs globally.