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Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May speaks in Parliament following the vote on Brexit in London, Britain, March 13, 2019. Image Credit: Reuters

London: British Prime Minister Theresa May’s government on Wednesday set out plans for a third parliamentary vote on her Brexit deal with the EU to be held by March 20.

In a proposal to be voted on by MPs on Thursday, the government states that if parliament has not approved the deal by that date it will ask the EU for an extension.

The motion said the government would seek “a one-off extension” to Brexit “for a period ending on 30 June 2019” if parliament instead approves the deal.

It said failure to back the deal would mean Britain would have to request a lengthier delay that “would require the United Kingdom to hold European Parliament elections in May 2019”.

Britain and the EU struck a deal in November but it has been blocked in the British parliament since then.

British MPs voted by a margin of 230 against the deal in January and again by 149 against on Tuesday.