Quarantine haircuts
People share their #QuarantineHaircuts Image Credit: Twitter

As people stay at home, the luxury of going to a salon for a haircut has been taken away, but it has driven many from around the world to give themselves one.

Social media users took to online platforms to proudly share their own versions of ‘quarantine haircuts’.

Many experimented on themselves while others cut the hair of their spouses and children.

Twitter user, @mayankskush, shared pictures of him after a haircut he got from his wife: “#quarantinehaircut by my super talented wife.”

User @JaniceSmith1980 tweeted a picture after giving three children a new look: “Satisfaction not guaranteed! #quarantinehaircut.”

Tweep @DutraWeather shared an image of his new hairstyle and deemed it a successful attempt: “I’m marking this as a win. I’ve had worse cuts! #quarantinehaircut.”

Similarly, @kdchee5 shared pictures of herself with her ‘quarantine’ look: “Didn’t really want to wait until the salon opened again... #quarantinehaircut”

It’s not just people however, many are giving their pets a makeover too.

Tweep @laura_lovett_ pictures of her happy looking dog and wrote: “Happy Easter everyone! My dog Ghost got pretty dirty. We bathed and cut his hair ourselves. A choppy look, but the best we can do in the quarantine....Red heart Hatching chick #quarantinehaircut”

Whereas, Twitter @sfoufie shared the whole process of giving her pet a trim: “Before => Stage 1=> Stage 2 => Final Product #QuarantineHaircut.”

Will you be trying out a new look as you #StayHome?