Doctor meets baby girl from behind glass door Image Credit: Twitter

A heartbreaking video of a doctor meeting his young daughter from behind a glass door has once again highlighted how medical professionals are selflessly working to help others.

Around the world, doctors are sacrificing spending time with their families to save the lives of others during the coronavirus pandemic.

A clip shared online depicting one such instance has gone viral. Twitter user @ThePlacardGuy shared the video with the caption: "This has made me real sad.”

The clip shows a baby girl walking towards the door of her house. Across the glass door, you can see her father, dressed in his scrubs and wearing a face mask. The father then sits down and greets her from the other side of the door. The girl immediately tries to open it and cries, as she wants to meet her father and touch him but cannot.

While still maintaining distance and sitting behind the door, the doctor looks at her while giving her a flying kiss as the girl continuously tries to open the door and cries.

It is unclear which part of the world the video was shot in.

Twitter users have appreciated the doctor’s sacrifice and how he is practising social distancing.

User @josecy8606 wrote: “Poor kid and father have to sacrifice so much.”

Tweep @foreverfine4u posted about the struggles healthcare workers are going through during the COVID-19 outbreak: “These are real heroes fighting without proper and sufficient equipments, sad.”

A similar incident also happened in the US.

California-based abc7news reported that an emergency room medical worker, Dr. Samar Yusuf in Houston, could only visit his two-week-old baby separated by a window. His wife said that since he works in a hospital, he has to quarantine himself away from her and their baby until she is two months old.