Brody, the dog, crashed a weatherman's forecast from his home office amid lockdown
Brody, the dog, crashed a weatherman's forecast from his home office amid lockdown Image Credit: Twitter

Working from home with a pet who keeps crashing your zoom meetings? Well, a video of a US weatherman, who was filming the weather forecast from his home office, went viral on April 30, after his dog interrupted the forecast and became the "star" of the show. Twitter users are sharing the video of the "best weather forecast in the history of television".

According to reports on international news websites, FOX WTVT's meteorologist Paul Dellegatto was filming a segment at his Florida home when his golden retriever, Brody, first  accidentally disabled the on-screen graphics, and then went up on Dellegatto's lap, hijacking the segment as the weatherman tried to verbally explain the weather. before to find the cameraman.

“The map’s not gonna move because he just whacked the computer with his head,” Dellegatto is heard saying in the video. “That wasn’t very smart.”

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Trying to deliver what he can of the report, the weatherman pats his dog as he reads off the statistics chart for Florida. But as he finishes the forecast, Brody spots Craig, the cameraman filming outside, and jumps towards teh camera to get his attention next.

This causes Craig to pan the camera down and focus the rest of the segment on the true star of the show: Brody the retriever.

“Oh, boy. Oh, boy, that’s not good,” Dellegatto says, as he is blurred in the background. “He’s going crazy trying to find Craig...”

Tweeps are in love with Brody. Here are some comments from Twitter:

As many offices across the world asked their employees to work from home, due to the coronavirus pandemic, pets got a new title - that of co-workers.

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