Some people claim they've spotted Cameron Diaz in El Nido, Palawan. Image Credit: Twitter/ Charles Tiu

Dubai: Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz was reportedly seen holidaying this week in the beaches of El Nido in Palawan, Philippines, and some photos of her have now gone viral.

The images shared on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, showed the star sitting beside some locals, including one unidentified foreigner. She’s wearing a white bikini top and a black baseball cap.

Charles Tiu, a basketball analyst for CNN Philippines, posted one of the photos on Twitter, saying that the Charlie's Angels star was in their Vanilla Beach property in El Nido.

The photos have gone viral since, although some users expressed doubts that the person photographed was indeed Cameron Diaz.

“It doesn’t seem to look exactly like Cameron,” said one Instagram user.

Another user even pointed out that one of the guys in the photo looks like a doppelganger of Bradley Cooper.

“That’s Mini Cooper and Nate Diaz,” he said. “Is it just me who doesn’t see the resemblance? I don’t think that’s them,” chimed another user.

Cameron Diaz
Is that Cameron Diaz? Image Credit: Instagram

Still, some fans from the Philippines got excited by the idea that one of the country's popular tourist spots has a newly chronicled star appeal. "She's so buff," one Twitter user said. "Wow, she's in the Philippines. So sexy," exclaimed another.

Whether or not it’s Cameron enjoying some sunshine and crystal-clear waters in the Asian country, it’s hard to beat the fact that a growing number of people from all over the world flock to the Philippines’ beaches every year.

The beaches in Palawan have consistently been ranked at the top of the world’s best destinations for beach lovers.

The 2018 Readers’ Choice Awards of lifestyle magazine Conde Nast Traveler named Palawan one of the best three islands in Asia. A year earlier, Conde Nast also declared Palawan the third-best island in the world, just behind Boracay, and Cebu and Visayan Islands.