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Dubai: The Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar confirmed that the Supreme Court will help find a solution to the issue of water scarcity.

And tweeps in the country are happy that finally someone will take action.

Tweep @SAF_Najum wrote: “Sir, you are a blessing for this nation. A hope, a light. Be strong, the Nation is with you! #WeStandWithChiefJustice”

@Hasnain_Amjad tweeted: “Respect and support Chief Justice of Pakistan. #WeStandWithChiefJustice”

While heading a larger bench at the Supreme Court’s Karachi Registry, Nisar said: “We will play our role in the construction of dams. Do not feel insecure, we desire to do our best to resolve the issue of water scarcity.”

This was when the bench was hearing a petition requesting a referendum for the construction of Kalabagh Dam and he informed everyone that he would not be taking a decision, as such projects should only be built “with consensus of all four provinces”.

Apart from this, he also ordered setting up a committee, comprising experts, to resolve the issue of water scarcity, as stated in a report published by the The Express Tribune, an English-language newspaper in Pakistan.

He will personally be overseeing this committee.

The hashtag #WeStandWithChiefJustice was immediately trending on Twitter after his statements.

@iSarmadKiyani tweeted: “I am ready to donate the money for Kalabagh Dam. I salute Chief Justice of Pakistan to take a step for making dams. Save water, save Pakistan. #WeStandWithChiefJustice”

@SanaZehrii posted: “#WeStandWithChiefJustice Nisar sir you are our last hope. The whole nation stands with you. We appreciate your hard work and your passion towards the country.”

Tweep @AnjumKiani added: “Yes, it’s true. One man can make a difference. What if every bureaucrat, politician and individual made sincere attempts to make a difference where they worked or lived? Yes, Pakistan would become a better place for all citizens and just a few. #WeStandWithChiefJustice”