Tallest man in Pakistan greets people
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Dubai: Zia Rashid holds the title of Pakistan’s ‘tallest person’ at 8 feet, just three inches short of the current world title, but it comes with its cons. The 23-year-old from Multan in Punjab enjoys the popularity of being the tallest person around, but his life is not without its share of problems.

In a recent interview, Rashid said: “I have not been able to find my life partner so far. I have not found someone who is tall enough for me. It is almost impossible... my family has also struggled to find me a match. They took my marriage proposal to several families but no one showed interest in me.... Personally, I’ve stopped thinking about it.”

This is not Rashid’s only persistent problem. Currently unable to find regular work, Rashid is hopeful that the local government will acknowledge his uniqueness and offer him a job, according to a website report by Caters News.

There are also day-to-day challenges that Rashid faces at his height. In the interview with Caters News he said: “I can’t find readymade clothes of my size.... A tailor makes clothes for me and I have to order shoes from Karachi. The biggest problem for me is that I cannot travel on public buses. I can’t sit in the seats because there is not enough leg space.”

Pakistan's tallest man struggles to find shoes of his size Image Credit: Youtube/ Live Leak The Best

Social media users shared Rashid’s story while expressing sympathy for his troubles.

Tweep @aadiltsh wrote: “Height of sadness! Pakistan’s tallest man, 23, who towers above friends... battles to find love after his family’s marriage proposals are constantly rejected due to his size.”

Twitter user @Lail70809723 posted: “Bechare [‘poor thing’]. This odd, but sad.”

According to The Express Tribune the young man’s life changed at ten years old. He said: “At the age of ten, suddenly my height started increasing. My whole body became weak.... Doctors said that the weakness was due to calcium deficiency and advised me to eat calcium rich food.... but within a year, I became the tallest person in our family.”

However, Rashid lights his own ray of hope. He added in the online interview: “Despite all the odds, I feel proud of my height. I feel proud that I’m different from others. It gives me a lot of happiness that because of my height people come and take selfies with me. I get a lot of love and attention from people and that makes me feel proud.” He gets invited to several private events across the globe, with one of the most recent being Zimbabwe, according to the UK-based Daily Mail.