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Image Credit: Twitter/@ANI

Dubai: Pakistani readers on Gulf News social media channels were quick to show support for Indian space research scientists earlier on Sunday (September 5, 2019).

They were reacting to the news that India’s first moon lander Vikram lost communication with Isro’s (Indian Space Research Organisation) orbiter Chandrayaan-2 just before touchdown.

This left the scientists deeply upset and most of India saddened.

Ikram Shahid Khan posted: “I appreciate the devotion of the scientists, well done. Failures lead towards success.”

Awesome try

Another Facebook user, Hashoo Nindwani appreciated the Indian scientists’ “awesome try” and sent his “respect” from Pakistan.

“Great achievement. Heart feel heavy for the space scientists, the hard work of years and years. Hard luck but nevertheless awesome try. Respect from Pakistan. These space scientists deserve highest praise for their devotion,” wrote Nindwani.

A video of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi comforting distressed scientists at the Bengaluru headquarters oF Isro, who worked on the project emerged online.

The chief scientist, Kailasavadivoo Sivan, was seen crying into Modi’s shoulder as he embraced him.

Bint E Ali chose to keep political differences between India and Pakistan aside and posted on Gulf News’ facebook: “Even though we have differences but still India move to this level is much appreciated and in coming year they will achieve what was missed in this mission. Best of luck India, keep good work. Respect from Pakistan.”

Zahid Riaz also wished Indians good luck for their future plans in his comment.

He wrote: “Better luck next time. Though it’s a big achievement at least you tried, keep trying and never lose hope. You will get success.”