Noman Ijaz and Iffat Omar
Pakistani actors Noman Ijaz and Iffat Omar Image Credit: Twitter

Pakistani television star Noman Ijaz has caused an uproar on Twitter after admitting to having extramarital affairs and 'cleverly' hiding them from his wife as well as criticising the #MeToo movement while on a talk show.

During an interview on the show, ‘Say it All with Iffat Omar’, the actor spoke about having affairs and hiding them because “he is a good actor”.

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“I fall for women who are beautiful from inside and outside,” he says in the clip being shared extensively on social media.

“I am such an intelligent man and actor that my wife never finds out. The husbands of the women don’t find out either,” he adds.

The host, actress Iffat Omar, asks him whether the feelings are reciprocated by the women he pursues and Ijaz agrees.

And then Omar responds: “I need to learn a few things from you.”

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Twitter users want to 'cancel' Noman

Social media users were quick to lash out at the actor for “cheating”.

Women’s rights activist and journalist Nayab Gohar Jan, @NayabGJan, tweeted: “Noman Ijaz has only exposed the thinking espoused by a large majority - men don’t see anything ‘fahaash’ (explicit) or vulgar in cheating on their wives, but as soon as outspoken women talk about their rights, it automatically becomes against cultural values. Mental perversion at its peak.”

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) politician Sharmila Faruqi, @sharmilafaruqi, also condemned the actor’s comments, as she tweeted: “This is not only crass but very demeaning for his wife, Noman Ijaz is a very senior accomplished actor, this coming from him as something to be proud of is sad.”

Many social media users were also unhappy with Omar’s reaction to Ijaz’s statements.

Tweep @AemunSh3rwanee_ wrote: “So we are cancelling Noman Ijaz today? But for me, I want to cancel Iffat Omar as well for awfully laughing at tales of cheating and dishonesty by a man.”

Soon after, a clip of Omar saying that during a shoot she would hug an actor several times and retake scenes to fulfil her "desires" also circulated online, as netizens condemned her confession.

Comments on Me Too

Speaking during the same show, Ijaz dismissed the global #MeToo movement against sexual harassment.

“Movements like the #MeToo movement are dangerous, they are just happening because people are getting detached from religion,” the actor said.

Tweep @Avoid_Yaar shared her thoughts on his comments: “Every other man in our society is Noman Ijaz. How can our society let men get away with everything while also managing to put the blame on women for their wrongdoings. If a man manages to cheat, he is intelligent? ….”