Stock Assualt physical harassment
Stock Assualt physical harassment Image Credit: i stock

As conversations around sexual harassment remain to be in the center of the Pakistani community after recent events, a viral video of a man confronting an alleged harasser in Karachi, on September 17 has gone viral.

In the clip that was taken in Karachi’s Hill Park area, a man is seen filming a woman explaining what had happened while another man is seen holding the alleged harasser by his collar.

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According to the burqa-clad woman in the video, she was going to work when a man stopped his bike to ask her for her number repeatedly.

The woman had to ask one of the nearby people to help as the man continued to bother her.

The clip, which was posted on the Facebook group ‘Karachi Walay’, cuts from the scene on the road to the culprit in jail.

According to local media reports, one of the bystanders had called the police.

The man who helped the woman, then says in the video that the police team reached the location within a few minutes and cooperated with them to register the complaint and arrested the culprit.

According to the police, other complaints were already registered about the culprit in the same police station, local media reported.

The clip has gotten over 700 comments, many of which highlight incidents of harassment that women continue to face in Pakistan.

Facebook user Sidra Ahmed AS wrote: “What is happening in our country day by day new cases. We are not safe at any cost.”

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Many also appreciated the man’s efforts in helping the woman and handing the harasser to authorities.

User Haya Jesi commented: “Glad to see such helpful people in today's world.”

Recently, a gang rape of a stranded woman on a motorway triggered protests throughout Pakistan. The woman was allegedly raped by two men in front of her children in the country’s Punjab province on September 11.