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A 16-year-old girl from the city of Lahore, in Pakistan, has killed her father with the help of her 18-year-old cousin, and she said it was done because he would allegedly abuse her mother.

Initially, it was believed that the accused, identified as Saira, killed her father because he was against her relationship with the cousin who helped her, identified as Moazzam. However, in a recent interview, in which she is seen with her mother, she revealed otherwise.

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The incident occurred in Lahore’s Kot Lakhpat locality.

According to local media reports, Saira’s mother has also been held by the police as an accomplice.

In a interview with a local news outlet that posted online on July 29, Saira revealed that her father, Arshad, used to beat her mother and other siblings for no reason.

Both the mother and daughter along with Moazzam are in police custody now and have admitted to the crime, Pakistani news outlets reported.

“He used to beat us for no good reason. He was going to drop his second wife to their home when I gave Moazzam his (Arshad’s) pistol, and he killed him,” Saira said in the video interview.

“Did your hands shiver before killing him?” asked the host.

To which Saira replied: “My father’s hands never shivered while beating us.”

Saira also added that she never thought about the aftermath of the crime otherwise she would not have taken the step.

Moazzam who killed the man said that Saira and her family were tired of facing continuous abuse by him that is why he killed the man.

“When someone gets hit and electrocuted, what would you do?” Moazzam asked the host.

Initially, the family had told police that the father died during a robbery.