Zulfi Bukhari
Zulfi Bukhari Image Credit: Twitter

A newspaper remembering late Pakistani broadcaster, Zulfikar Ali Bukhari, on his death anniversary confused him for Special Assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan, Sayed Zulfikar Bukhari, and a picture of the July 12 story has gone viral online.

The newspaper clipping of the print story has been circulating on social media and the publication outlet has fallen victim to online trolls.

Sharing a picture of the report, containing a picture of the 39-year-old politician, tweep @AzamJamil53 wrote: “This is our press. Poor Zulfi.’’

Social media users were quick to react to the post.

Tweep @qsheikh wrote: “Nice bit of proof reading right there.”

@MahiraA67566583 posted: “Sometimes one is really lost for words.”

However, some were skeptical about the authenticity of the picture.

Twitter user @SobiahQ asked: “If this isn't photoshopped then what newspaper is this?!”

According to social media users, the story was printed in a local Pakistani newspaper. However, there is no official confirmation or rectification from a publication yet.

Broadcaster and writer Z.A. Bukhari

Zulfiqar Ali Bukhari, popularly known as Z.A. Bukhari was a radio broadcaster. He was also a writer, poet, and musician. He was the first director-general of Radio Pakistan. Bukhari died in Karachi on 12 July, 1975 at age 71.