Wasim Akram Image Credit: Supplied

Former captain of Pakistan cricket team Wasim Akram asked people not to dump waste and garbage on Karachi beach.

Taking to Twitter, Akram shared a video of Karachi beach loaded with garbage and wrote, “We need to stop pretending this is ok because it’s not.”

In the video, Wasim Akram was seen saying that coming to the beach on Monday was a “mistake”. He asked his fans and followers to look at the beach where there was a heap of garbage.

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“Look at the condition of the beach. Stop blaming others and blame yourself; it’s embarrassing. Pakistan is a beautiful country with beautiful people but, admit it, that we are a dirty nation too,” said the former fast bowler.

He also rotated the camera to show the piles of garbage in the area of Karachi-sea.

His wife Shaniera Akram also took to Twitter and questioned the prevailing situation of Karachi.

@iamShaniera tweeted: “Our city is in pain, and it’s telling us every day. We are crying out for help, but nobody can hear us. This has got to stop! This has bought shame on our city, our people and on our culture. This is not who we are.”

Replying to the post, a twitter user@SYEDAYYANAHMAD1 posted: “@wasimakramlive, this is the responsibility of the government to take action. We can’t do anything we just advertise although we know the cleanliness is the half of faith. But as we don’t have faith then how we know, it’s importance."

Another tweep@Maryam posted: “Why we blame government for everything???? We are the nation. This is our responsibility to keep our home clean.”

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Earlier, in 2019, Shaniera talked about the waste on Clifton beach and raised the issue. Karachi is the largest city and economic hub of Pakistan. Moreover, Karachi has several beaches. However, people are not visiting beaches these days because of this mass pollution. According to recent reports, Karachi’s coastal areas are host to many disease causing bacteria. This includes Clifton beach, which is frequented by huge crowds on weekends and public holidays.