The Manora Island of Karachi includes a promenade as a proper seafront recreational spot for the residents. Image Credit: Supplied

Karachi: Sindh Chief Minister, Syed Murad Ali Shah, has launched the newly developed beach of Manora Island of Karachi that includes a promenade as a proper seafront recreational spot for the residents.

Ali Shah announced that a jetty would be built to launch a ferry service from the Sea View beach of Karachi to Manora Island to bring the picnickers from the sea route after development of the seafront.

Ali Shah recalled that during his childhood he had used to ride a boat with his parents from the Keamari Port of Karachi to visit the Manora Island.

He lamented that later on the beaches of Karachi were not developed as people had stopped visiting them along with their children.

He said the Manora Island beach had been developed as a part of the efforts of his government to make the coastal strip of Karachi once more attractive for the citizens.

He said that Manora was a very important historical place as it had a fort built during the Talpur dynasty of Sindh to protect Karachi as later on the British colonial invaders had captured it.

Ali Shah underlined the fact that Manora still had been serving as an important naval base to protect the maritime borders of Pakistan.

He mentioned that Manora had important places like a church built in 1864, a historical temple, a mosque, and a lighthouse, as all these places should be properly maintained and open to public under a daylong tourist package as has been the practice at the other historical sites the world over.

He assured that the launch ceremony that Manora beach after its development would remain accessible to the beachgoers from all over Pakistan.

He praised the Karachi Development Authority (KDA) for building the Manora seafront in the minimum possible time of two-and-a-half years as construction work had not been affected by the anti-coronavirus lockdown.

The KDA has spent Rs650 million to build the beachfront that includes a parking facility on one acre area, a mini park, children play area and 29 gazebos.

Ali Shah said that Manora would serve as the first fully developed beach spot of Karachi as the coast had a central role in beauty and attraction of the city.