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Rural parts of Sindh frequently see bloody tribal clashes that linger on as feuds for generations. Image Credit: shutterstock

Karachi: An armed tribal clash due to a land dispute has claimed the lives of four persons while over a dozen were injured in rural suburbs of Karachi.

Such clashes between feuding tribes rarely occur within the city limits where, in the recent past, criminals gangs with political backing were brazenly involved in land grabbing.

Rural parts of Sindh frequently see bloody tribal clashes that linger on as feuds for generations.

The latest clash on Saturday night occurred in Darsano Chano rural locality of District Malir in Karachi. Land in the area has turned into a prized possession as new, large gated urban housing facilities have been built on Karachi’s outskirts resulting in a manifold increase in the market prices of the erstwhile farmlands.

The clash occurred between Jokhio and Hyderi Faqeer clans in the jurisdiction of the Memon Goth police station. The rival tribesmen freely used sticks, axes and guns to fight each other.

The clash occurred when the rival groups were going together to meet the notables and elders in the area to seek their mediation to resolve the land dispute between them.

Two people died instantly while 13 others received injuries; two of them later died in the hospital. The condition of three of the injured persons is stated to be critical.

People in the area said both groups used to accuse each other of being involved in land grabbing with the backing of criminal elements. The clash caused fatalities and injuries among the people associated with both rival groups. The land dispute between the two groups has been lingering for over a year.

Police later cordoned off and conducted a search operation detaining over 15 people along with weapons. The Sindh Rangers officials also rushed to the spot to maintain law and order.

The Sindh government has decided to launch a grand operation against land grabbers and illegal buildings.