Karachi: The former chief secretary of Pakistan’s Sindh province, Fazal-ur-Rahman, on Saturday took oath as caretaker chief minister.

Sindh Governor Mohammad Zubair administered the oath to Rahman.

Sindh Chief Secretary Mohammad Rizwan Memon presided over the ceremony.

Later, Rahman met with Sindh Governor Mohammad Zubair.

The governor congratulated him for assuming charge as the caretaker chief minister.

During the meeting, the two leaders exchanged views on measures to ensure a free and fair general election.

The officials discussed how to ensure a level playing field for all parties to actively participate in the elections, scheduled for July 25, and ensure upholding of law and order on the election day.

The caretaker chief minister expressed his gratitude to political parties and the province’s public for reposing trust in him.

He pledged his resolve to take all possible measures to ensure free, fair and transparent elections in the province.

The governor expressed his confidence that the caretaker chief minister would discharge his responsibilities effectively and as per public expectations.

Mohammad Zubair said the upcoming elections would provide a historic milestone in the country’s political history.

He said the elections were being held at a time when concrete steps had been taken for the restoration of peace and economic development and prosperity in the past five years.

The governor said today’s Pakistan was far peaceful and economically stronger as compared to 2013. He said the upcoming elections would set direction for the country’s further economic progress and prosperity.

He said the nomination of the caretaker chief minister in Sindh with the consensus between the government and the opposition was a welcome development and in line with democratic norms.