CCTV footage
CCTV footage shows 10-year-old stealing money from Madhya Pradesh bank in 30 seconds Image Credit: Twiiter

A video of a 10-year-old boy stealing an amount equivalent to Dh48,890 from a bank in the Jawad district of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh within 30 seconds has left viewers stunned.

Local media outlets reported that the incident took place around 11am, considered a busy hour for the bank.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage, which is being shared online, shows the youngster walking into the bank and sprinting back outside with a bag in his hand.

The boy entered a cashier's cubicle while customers were standing right in front of it and carried out the theft.

He hid under the counter, dropped bundles of notes into his bag and walked out of the bank. The theft was completed in 30 seconds.

Sharing the security footage, tweep @Anurag_Dwary wrote: “10-year-old, steals 10 lakhs [Dh48,890] from a bank in 30 seconds!”

According to media reports, as soon as the boy walked out of the bank, the alarm rang and a guard ran behind him.

The police later discovered that the boy was being instructed by a man who was present inside the bank and was loitering around for half an hour before the theft.

As soon as he saw the cashier going into another room, the man signalled the boy, who was standing outside the bank, to walk in.

"CCTV footage outside the bank shows the man and the minor boy running in two different directions. Some people who have roadside stalls in the area and the security guard of the bank have been called for interrogation," a police official from the Jawad district was quoted as saying.

Police speculated that a gang conducted a survey of the bank for a few days prior to the incident and sent the minor to commit the crime, as per news reports.