Salman Khan Image Credit: PTI

Dubai: Fans of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan are up in arms against Google. The reason: When you search for the ‘worst Bollywood actor’ his name comes up.

The battle has heated up so much, it is now one of the top trends on social media in India.

Tweep @rkver2 posted: “@Google I guess your small little campaign to bring down @BeingSalmanKhan got a little late. #Race3 did wonders at box office and so will his other movies. To all Salman haters, good luck, keep trying. #worstbollywoodactor seriously? #GreatHumanBeing #BoxOfficeKing #MegaStarSalmanKhan”

@jawedchowdhury tweeted: “Salman Khan should sue Google for 500 crores for defaming him as the worst Indian actor in the search engine. Why does Google think Salman Khan is the ‘worst Bollywood actor’?”

While Khan’s fans were fighting for his rights, other tweeps were having fun with the trend, giving credit for the search results to his latest movie, Race 3.

@mayank1166 tweeted: “#Race3 is such a disaster. No wonder Google is showing @BeingSalmanKhan on searching worst Bollywood actor. Salman and other cast have ruined the real fun of Race series. Please at least do one quality movie then, always focusing on commercial movies. Commercial movies too have logic.”

Tweep @iPriyamMukherji wrote: “Search ‘worst actor of Bollywood’. Enjoy the result!”

@ZMaskedMaverick tweeted: “Bhai is at least the best at something! Give him an Oscar for the worst #Bollywood actor!”

@_iam_mr_nobody_ tweeted: “So @Google says @BeingSalmanKhan is a ‘worst Bollywood actor’.ߘ?But even they can’t deny the fact that he is a ‘King Of Box Office’ and he proves it with his films eevery time Perhaps, all thanks to his insane fans, for them doesn’t matter how he acts, what matters is only #SalmanKhan!”

Tweep @twdownload wrote: “My faith in Google’s search quality restored after I searched ‘worst bollywood actor’ and it shows “Salman Khan”! #SalmanKhan #actor #google #bollywood”