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Dubai: A touching moment between a mother and son? Or a publicity stunt? Tweeps reacted strongly to the images and videos that went viral earlier today of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi meeting his mother Heeraben Modi.

Modi cast his vote in Ahmedabad on Tuesday and before going to the voting booth, he spent some time with his mother. Pictures and videos of him touching her feet, grabbing a quick bite and receiving a gift from her were widely shared online.

While many found it heart-warming that the prime minister was receiving blessings from his mother, others questioned the presence of a camera crew that was ready to capture the moment.

Tweep @sahilzkhan questioned those applauding the moment, writing: Brother, this is the limite. Will you clap for this as well? Tell me, do you take a camera along when you visit your mother at home? If this is the level we have come to, then God bless our country and fellow countrymen.”

Journalist @bombaywallah commented: “Really impressed with television cameramen who manage to be at the right spot at all times. Imagine rushing and setting up the camera, tripod, lights etc and catching this heart-warming moment.”

Tweep @TweetMaarKhan added to the sarcasm: “There are n number of actors who have turned into politicians. But rarely do we see politicians so passionate about acting. Hats off to Modiji.”

However, Twitter user @SunilTaurush clarified that tweeps criticising the moment were not questioning the moment but the timing: “We are not against PM Modi meeting with his mother but why son-Mother picture released during elections only.? Why should it not be kept as a personal affair alone?


Many other Twitter users, however, felt the criticism was uncalled for.

Tweep @TheSortedChaos wrote: “I like how Modi and his mother greet each other, and yes, it’s quite okay to record his milestones, he’s the PM of India. Just because nobody did it before, doesn’t make it a bad thing. Y’all drool over Obama’s personal shots taken by WH Photographers, but you gotta hate so you gotta hate.”

Another Twitter user @iiiushiii added: “This might be the first time when I’m seeing people going bonkers over PM Modi meeting his mother. He has always been doing that before nominations or casting vote. Why such outrage now? Just becuase liberals’ favourite Kanhaiya [Kumar] made an issue out of it BUT did exactly the same thing.”