ANI woman sell children
An image of the woman and her children at a hospital in Bihar Image Credit: Twiiter/@ANI

Bihar: Faced by abject poverty and illness, a mother of two in India's Bihar reportedly tried to sell her children off. ANI reported that the woman, who is suffering from tuberculosis, was ready to accept any amount of cash for the children.

She reportedly said, "​I will accept whatever anyone pays me."​​​​​

The woman was admitted to a hospital which is when the story came to light. Her two children, who are malnourished, have also been admitted at the hospital.

The hospital manager, Surjeet Kr, told ANI, "As soon as I got to know about it, I admitted her at the hospital. Her children are suffering from malnutrition, they've also been admitted at the hospital. All of them are receiving medical treatment."

The woman told reporters that her husband left her to fend for heself and the children, to marry another woman. Faced by the prospect of not being able to fund her treatment, she decided to sell her children.