The daughter posted an 'ad' on Twitter Image Credit: Twitter/@AasthaVarma

An Indian daughter has decided to switch roles with her mother by playing matchmaker as she posted a tweet asking for a suitable groom for her 50-year-old parent.

On October 31, Aastha Varma, @AasthaVarma, posted a marriage ‘ad’ on Twitter along with a picture of her and her mother together. She also included some requirements in her post and wrote: “Looking for a handsome 50-year-old man for my mother! Vegetarian, non-drinker, well established. #Groomhunting”

The tweet went viral and it received more than 32,000 likes and over 7,300 retweets.

Messages of support and well wishes came pouring in, with some people tagging those who they found suitable.

Tweep @Sohni_Bose replied: “This is so cute and wonderful!”

Similarly, Twitter user @mpopat wrote: “Hope she finds a deserving and kind hearted partner! Best wishes.”

One user, @nirwamehta, asked for an update: “Now that we’ve seen this, we need an update, hopefully a happy one. Best wishes.”

However, tweep @johnnyb80502050 suggested looking elsewhere: “You are on the wrong website. There are proper websites for this very purpose.”

Varma was quick to respond: “Tried. Failed. I did not intervene till a long time but socha [thought], for her happiness I can at least search up where I have a voice.”

On November 3, Varma posted about the same matter again, giving more details on her mother: “Clarifications: My mother is a teacher, and well qualified and hence would like appropriate suggestions only. The suitable age group is 45-55. Please do not message otherwise. Some meme pages/Whatsapp groups are making fun of it. That is condemnable and they be immediately taken off.”