A woman in Bihar allegedly drowned her son in a pond because she wanted to marry for the fourth time. Image Credit:

Patna: A woman in Bihar killed her minor son to get married for the fourth time. The incident took place at a village in Patna district over the weekend.

Police said the woman, Dharmsheela Devi, 23, took her four-year-old partially blind child to a nearby pond and allegedly drowned him. The incident came to light after the local villagers found the body of the child floating in the water.

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According to the police, the woman married Arun Chaudhary from Nalanda district five years ago, after which the boy was born. The police said the woman left her first husband barely a year after marriage and married another person but he died soon. After his death, the woman married Mahesh Chaudhary, but he too died soon in a road accident.

The woman was planning to marry another man, but her son was standing in the way. So she decided to kill him, police said.

“She was planning for her marriage for the fourth time but the child was proving to be a big hurdle. So, she killed him by drowning. She has confessed to killing her son to marry another person,” a local police official in charge of investigation Amarendra Kumar told the media on Monday.

He said the police have arrested the woman. Police said the woman was arrested on the basis of a complaint filed by her first husband. According to the police, her first husband had requested the woman not to take his son away, but she refused.