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Stock crime jailed murder robbery Image Credit: i stock

Hyderabad: Hyderabad police have arrested a serial killer who allegedly murdered two more women after the court released him on bail.

Hyderabad city police commissioner Anjani Kumar told the media that Maina Ramulu was involved in the killing of 18 women over the last 24 years and was arrested and convicted earlier in 16 cases of murder.

Police said Ramulu turned a psychopath at the age of 21 and targeted married women after his wife eloped with her boyfriend.

Hyderabad Police Task Force arrested 45-year-old Ramulu in the city in connection with the murder of two women in Ghatkesar and Siddipet towns in December 2020.

His modus operandi was to pick up most of his victims at toddy or country liquor vends and kill them at isolated spots. Police said he used to approach women in their 30s and intoxicate them by offering liquor and lure them to isolated places apparently to have sex. In many cases after killing women with stones or strangulating them he would burn their faces by pouring alcohol to make identification difficult.

More crimes

He continued to commit the crimes even after serving an eight-year term in jail and coming out on bail. In the latest incidents he picked up one Venkatamma from a liquor vend in Yusufguda area of Hyderabad on December 30 and killed her at an isolated spot in Ghatkesar.

The other victim, an unidentified woman in her 30s, was picked up from a vend in Balangar area of the city and strangled to death at a village near Siddipet.

After his first arrest in 2009 in Narsingi near Hyderabad, a local court sentenced Ramulu to life imprisonment on February 2011. During his imprisonment he was admitted to mental hospital in Hyderabad for treatment. While staying in hospital he along with other five other inmates escaped on December 30, 2011.

During the next two years he committed five more murders on the outskirts of the city and was re-arrested by the police in May 2013. Later, he approached the High Court for release and committed two more murders while on bail.

“I suffered a lot because of what my wife did to me. I killed these women to see that others don’t suffer like me,” Maina Ramulu told the police after his arrest.