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A man, who got his wallet stolen containing an amount equivalent to Dh44 in a local train in the busy city of Mumbai, India in 2006, got a call after 14 years from the police saying they have found it.

Hemant Padalkar had lost his wallet while travelling in a Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus-Panvel local train in 2006, a Government Railway Police (GRP) official said on August 9, Indian media outlets reported.

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In April this year, he received a call from the Government Railway Police (GRP) informing him that his wallet was found.

However, he could not then go to collect his wallet because of the lockdown in India due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

After the easing of restrictions, Padalkar, a resident of the Panvel locality in the Indian state of Maharashtra, recently went to the GRP office in Mumbai’s Vashi area where he was given part of the money that was in the wallet.

“My wallet at that time contained Rs 900 (Dh44), including a Rs 500 (Dh24) note which was later demonetised (in 2016). The Vashi GRP returned Rs 300 (Dh14) to me. They deducted Rs 100 (Dh5) for stamp paperwork and said the remaining Rs 500 would be returned after exchanging the scrapped currency note with a new one,” Padalkar was quoted as saying.

According to local media reports, a GRP official said those who stole Padalkar’s wallet were arrested sometime back.

“We recovered Padalkar’s wallet containing Rs 900 from the accused. We handed over Rs 300 to Padalkar and the remaining Rs 500 would be returned to him after the currency note is exchanged with a new one,” he added.

However, no explanation seems to be available for why it took 14 years to return.