suicide by hanging
An angry and depressed Chandrakant hanged himself from a ceiling fan at his home. For illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Agency

Hyderabad: Growing financial difficulties are pushing more and more middle class families over the brink. In one such incident, a wife threw her two minor children into a pond, where they drowned, before ending her life after her engineer husband hanged himself.

The shocking incident occurred in BHEL Township near Hyderabad and Sangareddy.

According to police, 38-year old Chandrakant, a software engineer employed with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), was also doing real estate business on the side. He was facing financial difficulties for some time leading to discord with his wife Lavanya, 32.

According to relatives, Chandrakant had taken up construction of a house for which he was constantly demanding money from his in-laws. Once, they even paid him Rs4 million (Dh200,000) and expressed their inability to help him more.

After a quarrel on Thursday, Lavanya took her kids - six-year old son Pratham and three-year old daughter Swarjana - and left for her parents’ place in Sangareddy, leaving Chandrakant alone at their home in BHEL township.

Later, an angry and depressed Chandrakant hanged himself from a ceiling fan at his home.

Suspecting that her husband might have taken the extreme step as he was not responding to her phone call, Lavanya contacted her neighbours. When their knocks also failed to elicit any response from inside, they opened a window - only to see his body hanging from ceiling fan.

When she was informed about the incident, Lavanya took her children to a big tank at Andole. After throwing them into water, she also jumped in too, ending her life.

Police launched a search operation and all three bodies were recovered from the tank on Friday morning.