Pizza Margarita
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Ever left your favourite snack in the refrigerator, only to find it gone when you return to eat it? Well, a girl in India was so afraid that her sister might finish three pizza slices that she had left in the fridge that she wrote a long Whatsapp message to her mother at 4am, requesting her to keep her sibling away from it till she woke up.

In the hilarious message that is going viral on Twitter, the resident of Vadodara city in the Indian state of Gujarat, requested her mum to ensure that her sister would not touch the pizza, or at least ask for permission before deciding to eat it.

In the screenshot of the message that is partly written in Hindi, Twitter user Isha Sharma (@ishaforreals) wrote: “I don’t know what time I’m going to wake up in the morning, but, I know that if Piyu wakes up before me she will take advantage of the situation. In the fridge there’s a box of fries and three slices of pizza. Do NOT let Piyu eat all of it. In fact before she starts eating, ask her to take my permission,” she wrote in the message.

Perhaps realising that it sounded like a threat, she went on to give the message an emotional twist, and added that she had been left “hurt” before, with her snacks disappearing. She wrote: “I’ll wake up to see everything finished, and be really hurt… if you are my mother, if you have ever loved me, if you have lovingly given birth to me, I want you to take care of my mood. Thank you mumma, good night. Writing with only one eye open because it is 4am.”

Reacting to the dramatic rant, her mother replied in two words, with: “Hey Bhagwan! (Oh God!)”.

Though the tweet went viral, the message to mum really didn’t save the pizza slices. According to a later tweet, Sharma updated that her father ate two slices, even before her sister could lay hands on it. When Sharma’s mother showed her long rant to her father, he apparently cut the one remaining slice into three pieces, and put it back in the fridge.

@ishaforreals tweeted: “… my mother might've found out and showed him my extremely emotional text because he cut the last slice of pizza into three and put them back in the box.”

Isha Sharma and her mother did not expect their simple exchange to go viral. She later tweeted that her mother was excited about the responses on Twitter. According to an Indian news report, the mother, Yogita Sharma said: “It feels really weird how a random conversation with my daughter is being loved and appreciated by so many people.”

The post inspired others to share similar instances, and even discuss text conversations they had with their mothers.

Tweep @moody_human shared a screenshot of her WhatsApp exchange with her mum in the next room.

And, @SampadaMoghe posted: “This is like me telling my mum, not to let dad give away the caramel custard she made for me, to our neighbour just two days back! Also we only share animal, cookery or music videos on WhatsApp because she takes hours to type one small thing, we prefer calling!