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Two cops from Chennai district of Tamil Nadu, India, have managed to raise Rs500,000 (Dh25000) for a five-year-old child, Kavishka, who was been suffering from severe heart disease has undergone a seven-hour surgery. She was discharged from hospital on Saturday. Social media users are sharing the news.

Kavishka suffers from dextrocardia (abnormal position of the heart) by birth. Her father, Karthik, was a salesperson in an electronic shop and lives in Guduvanchery town in Chennai district. Due to the pandemic, he lost his job and was struggling to look after his family and gather funds for Kavishka's surgery.

Reportedly, the two cops who helped them were P Senthil Kumar, and police inspector M. Thangaraj, who arranged the money for the open-heart surgery. The police officer, Senthil Kumar, was a neighbour to Karthik's family and he has known the family for two years.

Talking to The New Indian Express, police constable P. Senthil Kumar said: "Karthik was hesitant initially since he thought he was burdening us and did not ask. I heard it through our neighbours, and I informed my colleague. He told me that we should help the kid. Just before the lockdown, in February, the doctors had advised Karthik that his girl child should go for an angiogram, but I heard that he was planning to postpone it since he did not have the money. My wife and I convinced Karthik to go for the angiogram and donated Rs30,000 (Dh1462)."

According to a local news report, the two policemen consulted with the hospital authorities and collected Rs45,000 (Dh2192) from all the personnel at the station, Rs125,000 (Dh6091) through a government welfare scheme, and another Rs300,000 (Dh14614) through other sponsors.

Kavishka was admitted one month ago for the surgery, which lasted for seven hours, and was in the intensive care unit for 15 days and she was shifted home a couple of days’ ago.