Abdul Moiz Khan, Co-founder, CEO and Managing Partner, Fursa Consulting

Incorporated in 2014 under a licence issued by the Department of Economic Development, Government of Dubai, Fursa is a leading independent advisory firm focused on providing financial advice on structured debt, equity, mergers, acquisitions and strategy to corporates and institutional clients. Fursa fosters long-term relationships with clients as their independent adviser on strategic matters and transactions.

The team at Fursa comprises of experienced professionals with strong academic and corporate backgrounds. With their extensive knowledge of local and international markets and their ready access to key decision makers, the team is well positioned to facilitate and execute multi-dimensional transactions. Keeping in mind its in-depth knowledge of the region, Fursa offers a full range of corporate advisory services, which include:

l Debt advisory and placements

l Mergers and acquisitions advisory

l Equity advisory

l Risk management solutions

l Monitoring solutions

l Business strategy solutions

l Portfolio management services

l Specialised advisory services

With the ongoing inflationary environment, interest rates have risen significantly and are expected increase over time.

Interest rates can affect businesses ability to borrow. Businesses, who rely on external funding to fund their growth, will find prevailing business environment challenging. Rising interest rates on bank borrowings can shrink business cashflow.

Higher interest rates affect more than just loans or external borrowings, they can have a ripple effect throughout the economy as it pushes cost of goods upward, which is passed on to end user to offset the increased cost of doing business.

Current business challenges make it extremely important for businesses to be proactive and efficient in optimisation of their cashflows. They must deploy the available resources to facilitate effective funds management in achieving their revenue goals.

Given that interest rates have increased, it is a perfect time to indulge in a pragmatic review of one’s own business finance ecosystem. Team Fursa advises clients with a tailor-made strategy in streamlining where they can and preparing for the future as each downturn and economic change create new opportunities for future growth.