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The coronavirus has brought positive changes in many people’s lives in Bihar. Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Patna: The deadly coronavirus has spelt massive disasters, claimed many lives and left millions jobless but it has also brought positive changes in many people’s lives as well as in society in Bihar.

Several COVID-19 survivors said the virus has effected significant changes in their perspective, behaviour and lifestyle. They said prior to being infected they were not taking notice of neighbours, were selfish and were not even remotely connected with social service but the virus has changed their entire outlook towards the people around and the society.


Pawan Kumar, 27, a resident of Patna said he came to realise the true meaning of life and its purpose only after he got admitted to the hospital for corona treatment. “While in hospital, I constantly read about deaths due to Covid in India and the world. I thought I too would succumb to this disease but thanks to God, I am alive now. Now, I am very much concerned about the life of others and feel like helping everyone in need,” Pawan said. He spent 14 days at the hospital.

Indira Prasad, 53, a resident of Digha locality in the state capital, said the virus had changed him entirely. “Earlier I was very rude with strangers and got irritated during long conversations. Now, I like to help everyone and am also participating in social and charitable works,” he said. Prasad returned home after getting treated for 21 days.

Meaning of life

Another survivor Suraj Kumar of Aurangabad said he never believed he would return home when he was admitted to the hospital. “Thanks to almighty, I am alive. Now, I want to prove the meaning of my life given by God. Currently, I am associated with many charity organisations and convince the people to donate according to their financial capability,” Suraj added.

The pandemic has not only changed the COVID-19 survivors but also left a deep impact on the life of the common men. Many said they are now learning to live with bare minimum requirements and are saving food stuff. “We are taking extra care to ensure the food stuffs don’t go to waste. This is such a critical time and many families are going without food. So we don’t want to waste food now,” said Rajiv Prasad Singh, a resident of Patna.

Positive change

Another major positive change on the surface is that it has put an end to big fat weddings. Since weddings in the state, quite like in other parts of the country, are linked to socioeconomic status of a family, the general people were known for planning for the wedding quite much in advance.

Their plan normally revolved round making expensive arrangements at the wedding venues, inviting a whole lot of city’s who’s to prove their connections in the higher echelons of the society and then treating them with a variety of dishes spread over dining tables to display their financial capability. But all these things have become a thing of the past. Now the wedding is over in just a few hours without any hype and hoopla.

COVID-19 has claimed 848 lives and infected 162,632 people so far in Bihar. According to a report of the state health department, on an average 2,000 cases are being reported every day.