The auto driver who was identified as Amrish Kumar, a native of Bihar
The auto driver who was identified as Amrish Kumar, a native of Bihar Image Credit: Twitter

Out to search for milk to feed his children and gas for his cooking stove, a poor driver was allegedly stopped and beaten by cops in the Indian city of Hyderabad, on April 22. Angry and frustrated, the man damaged his own vehicle with a rock that lay nearby before loudly confronting the cops. A video clip of the incident has gone viral in India.

Tweep @Ashi_IndiaToday posted the video of the incident that took place on Wednesday in Mirchowk, Hyderabad. In the caption he wrote: “A migrant auto driver who was out searching gas refill and milk for kids, allegedly thrashed by police at Mir Chowk. Angry man damages his vehicle and confronted cops, asking ’We are hungry, we have no money and you are beating us, for what?’ #Hyderabad”

In the video, the auto driver can be seen arguing with a policeman, requesting them to return the keys of his vehicle. He also alleged: “Nobody is providing any money to eat. Why are you beating us? Why are you stopping my vehicle? I said that I am going to refill gas, then why are you beating me? If I committed any mistake, beat me. Did I take any customer?”

Many Twitter users said such treatment is unacceptable.

Tweep @Srisankalpa posted: “@TelanganaDGP #lockdown is imp but sensitivity from @hydcitypolice @HYDTP cops is as important when people are stressed out, even when I had to refill petrol my empty scooter tank within 3 kms radius perimeter of my address was harassed beyond any useful purpose by #Police personnel today.”

Some tweeps pointed that people should know that the lockdown is in place and not venture out. To which @zikriyashaik replied: “Please don’t blame him. When everything goes against him, a person can hurt himself, out of frustration and disappointment. Hard times for daily wagers. Farmers/Vegetable vendors are throwing away their stock on roads because police won’t let them sell.”

However, police denied the assault charge. They posted another video of the auto driver who was identified as Amrish Kumar, a native of Bihar.

In the video, Kumar and his brother are seen to be helped by the police department after they explain that their family doesn’t have any money or food.

As India’s lockdown remains in place till May 3. This is the story of just another internal migrant worker in India. There are more than 40 million migrant labourers across the country and the Indian government’s relief is either not enough or not reaching the right people.