Patna: Federal minister Upendra Kushwaha on Thursday mounted a blistering attack on the Narendra Modi-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government saying it was not the duty of a political party to building temples or mosques.

The minister launched the attack while addressing an open session of his party at the end of its two-day Chintan Shivir (introspection camp) held at Valmikinagar in West Chamaparan district, indicating the Rashtriya Lok Samta Party (RLSP) is on the verge of dumping the NDA any time.

Kushwaha who is a Minister of State for Human Resources Development heads the RLSP which is a key ally of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led NDA government at the centre. Informed sources said Kushwaha could meet Congress chief Rahul Gandhi on December 10 and could resign from his post as minister after the meeting.

“Constructing temples or mosques is not the duty of a political party,” Kushwaha said in a sharp attack on the BJP, its ally. Clarifying that he was not opposed to their construction, he said it should be done within the framework of the Constitution.

He also wondered why the BJP kept raising the Ram temple construction issue only during election time and claimed this was done just for polarisation of votes.

“The issues to be debated at this time should have been soaring inflation, unemployment, poverty etc., but sadly they are trying to make Ram temple an issue which means their intention is not good. Had their intention been fair, they wouldn’t have raised this issue at election time,” Kushwaha said, while strongly opposing this move of the BJP.

He cautioned the BJP against raising this issue for “electoral gains”.

He described the Bihar unit of the BJP as the real “jumleabazz” (frauds) alleging it has completely surrendered before Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar. “I had never expected the top BJP leadership would surrender before Nitish Kumar this way. This has disappointed me a lot,” he added. He reminded the BJP leadership as to how the Bihar chief minister had once described the BJP as “Bhartiya Jhumla Party”, indirectly supporting this observation.

In his address, Kushwaha also recounted how he tried hard to meet both the BJP president Amit Shah and Prime Minister Modi, but failed to get appointments from both. “There won’t be any requests anymore, it will be war now,” he declared.

He also launched massive attacks on the chief minister and charged him with destroying the “temples of learning” and failing to protect the lives of the common men. “I had joined the chief minister’s fight against 15 year ‘misrule’ of the previous (Rashtriya Janata Dal) regime, but the change of the regime in Bihar has failed to bring any remarkable changes in the state. The present situation is even worse than the previous RJD rule,” he alleged and vowed to uproot the present ‘NDA’ government in the state.

“Previously the chief minister would routinely talk about ‘sushasan’ (good governance) in his speeches. Now he doesn’t use this word anymore. He knows it why,” he said, adding dethroning of the present regime was the only solution to save the state. He also alleged that the Nitish Kumar government in Bihar has converted all schools into “hotels” and teachers into “cooks’ and “contractors”.