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Photo for illustrative purposes only Image Credit: Pixabay

Utah: A man from Utah in the United States has been charged with scoring free lodgings by releasing rodents in rooms at three different hotels.

Fox News cited KUTV which reported that Ryan Sentelle State confessed to planting mice and hamsters at different hotel accommodations, upon which he would avail free services after complaining about the presence of the annoying pests.

According to the police, Ryan nailed this stunt at three separate hotels and probably at many more locations.


The man used to complain about the droppings left by the rodents to compel the hotel staff to exempt him from paying the rent.

The sinister ploy has caused damage to many hotel rooms and has also led to unnecessary spendings on pest control, reported the outlet that Fox News quoted.

The outlet further revealed that Ryan is pressed with ten different charges in total that include class B misdemeanour, criminal mischief, and theft by deception.