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Dubai motorists can avail a 100 per cent discount in traffic fines during the Year of Tolerance. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai Police’s discount on traffic fines may be extended this year if results of last year’s initiative were deemed positive, an official has told Gulf News.

The initiative announced last February (2019) allowed motorists to get discounts on fines incurred, provided they didn’t commit another traffic-related offence.

For instance, if three months went by without repeating a traffic offence, they would get a 25 per cent discount; 50 per cent for six months, 75 per cent for nine months and 100 per cent for 12 months.

Colonel Jumaa Bin Suwaidan, Deputy Director of the Traffic Department at Dubai Police, said that they would make a study to see if the initiative was successful with a view to extend such discounts.

“We had a meeting with the Dubai Police chief about the initiative and will make a study about the discount results,” Colonel Bin Suwaidan told Gulf News. “Based on the study we will decide later whether to extend it or not,” he added.

Positive indicators

Initial indicators were positive, he said.

There had been a marked reduction in the number of accidents and casualties on the roads since the initiative was launched.


per cent discount on fines to be given as of February 6 — this is given to motorists who haven't committed a traffic violation for a full year.

Motorists who haven’t committed any traffic violations for a full year can enjoy a 100 per cent discount on fines on February 6 — one full year after the scheme was launched.

“Drivers will have a stronger motivation to follow traffic rules in order to get the discount,” said Bin Suwaidan.

“Motorists who did not commit traffic offences for 12 months, starting February 6, could get a 100 per cent discount on their accumulated traffic fines,” he added.

50% discount

Dubai Police said that a total of 425,371 drivers had benefitted from the 50 per cent discount on their accumulated traffic fines.

Another 65,000 drivers had benefitted from the 75 per cent discount.

“It is hard for a driver to complete a year without traffic offences. However, drivers can still enjoy the discount they earned even after the end of the initiative on February 6 this year,” Col Bin Suwaidan said.

Register your car without paying traffic fines

Drivers in Dubai can also register their cars during the initiative without paying their Dubai traffic fines.

However, drivers need to pay their fines in other emirates.

The 100 per cent discount applies to all vehicles registered in Dubai, on condition that the driver abides by traffic laws and regulations and does not commit any violations for a full calendar year starting February 6.

Parking and Salik fines, however, are not included in the initiative as they are not traffic offences.

How the initiative works

Motorists who do not commit traffic offences for three months (counted from February 6, 2019) benefit from a 25 per cent discount on accumulated fines from before February.

Those who don’t commit traffic offences for six months from February 6, 2019 get a 50 per cent discount; if for nine months, a motorist gets a 75 per cent discount and 12 months equates to a 100 per cent discount.