Dewa water savings
Image Credit: Dewa

Dubai: Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) has urged customers to periodically check for potential leaks in internal water connections, as such leaks can cause significant wastage and damage to properties.

This is part of Dewa’s awareness campaign, ‘Make Smart Summer Choices Your Habit’. To preserve resources, DEWA also reiterated its call to customers to use its smart initiatives and services to increase water consumption efficiency and limit waste.


Where water leaks are most likely to occur

Water tanks, bathrooms, kitchens, and swimming pools are the most likely areas where leakages can occur. Leakages from water tanks are due to deterioration of the tank body, connections, or improper positioning.

Due to ageing and lack of maintenance, it can also happen in taps, pipes, toilet tanks and water heaters. Water spots on floors, walls and roofs, or around the washing machine are likely due to leaks in internal connections or the house irrigation system within the property.

Use only competent service providers

Dewa encourages all customers to use the services of a competent technician to carry out regular maintenance work. Through Dewa Store on its smart app, Dewa provides a list of technical service providers in the event of internal faults in the building.

Customers can also benefit from the exclusive discounts on DEWA Store.

Use smart app

By using Dewa’s smart app and website, customers can use the dashboard to monitor and manage your electricity and water consumption proactively and online without needing to contact Dewa. The dashboard is accessible after logging into the customer’s account.

Dewa provides the High-Water Usage Alert service to help customers detect any leakage in water connections after the meter. Customers can detect leakages through their bills or smart water meters.

Where customers' responsibility starts

Dewa highlighted the efficiency of its systems in detecting any flaws in the external connections after the meter and noted that its responsibility is limited to connections and maintenance until the meter only, while the internal connections after the meters are the customer/owner’s responsibility.

This applies to residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

Emergency number: 991

Dewa’s emergency number 991, is also available for urgent technical notifications. Its website and smart app provide valuable tips to manage consumption more efficiently.

Tips are available on