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Dubai: Residents of a Dubai community say they are unable to bear the stench emanating from a sewage treatment plant close to the residential development.

That stinking feeling

Some International City (IC) residents told Gulf News they were even planning to move out of the development as they are unable to bear the stench coming from the plant located close to Al Aweer and International City.

In an email statement to Gulf News, a Nakheel spokesperson said: “We have once again raised residents’ concerns with Dubai Municipality, which owns and manages this sewage treatment plant. We continue to liaise with the authority on behalf of those affected.”

At the time of publishing the story online, a comment from Dubai Municipality was not available.

It is the not the first time the stinky issue has rubbed the wrong side of residents. Residents said they have raised a storm about the stench for a long time, but to no avail.

This time it seems, the smell has been escalated following rains which hit Dubai two weeks ago.

"I want to move out"

Indian expat, Arun R Unnitan, hailing from Kerala in India who rents a two-bedroom apartment in International City’s Central Business District (CBD) building 16, said he is planning to move out soon as he can, as he cannot bear the stench anymore.

Unnitan, who pays a rents of Dh45,000 per annum for the apartment, said he could find better options for the same rent or even less. “I live in Dubai with my family, my wife and daughter, and I don’t want to expose them to this constant stench.”

"I wish the issue would be resolved soon"

Another resident is also annoyed that nothing has been done about the stinking problem in the area.

Pakistani expat Humairah Waqas Chaudhary, who lives in a one-bedroom apartment in CBD building 14 with her husband and two children, 21 years and 17 years old, said: “The stench issue is a constant worry for us. Usually, we are hit by the foul smell in the mornings. We have complained to relevant authorities and hoping it will be resolved soon.”

But Chaudhary has no plans of moving out of the community. “The development is nice. It has all the facilities. We have been living here for seven years and are otherwise happy. But the stench is a problem. I wish this would be resolved,” she said.

"We keep our windows and doors closed all the time"

Seema D’souza, who is renting a one-bedroom apartment and paying Dh35,000 per annum in CBD building 16 said: “I have been staying in the area for over a year now. In the mornings the stench is at its peak. In fact, we keep all our windows and doors closed. The stench became worse after the rains."

"I am worried about the hazardous effect of toxic smell"

Praveen Kumar, who works as an IT consultant also agreed. “We have been living here for 10 years now. There is a good community feel and friends circle we have formed. I don’t feel like moving out. I just wish the stench issue can be resolved.”

“To be constantly exposed to the stench can have a hazardous effect on health. I am worried for my children.”