A view of Shaikh Zayed Road in Dubai in fog Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: Look out the window and you might be greeted by a fog so dense that it has delayed more than 120 inbound flights into the UAE's major airports and dozens more outbound flights early on Monday.

Police also warned motorists to take extra care while driving in thick fog.

WATCH: Heavy fog on Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed road. Video by: Arshad Ali/ Gulf News

Visibility was down to 200 metres in certain areas.

Flyers had been advised to check with their airlines as at least 80 inbound flights into the busy Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah international airports during 3am-9am period were reported delayed by flighttracker, a civil aviation tracking site as weathermen raised an orange alert.

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A number of outbound flights were also reported delayed in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Most outbound flights from Sharjah during the period were unaffected, according to the site.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has urged motorists to be extra careful while driving with poor visibility.

Satellite images indicated fog formation over most coastal and internal areas of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain and Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah were also affected.

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NCM advised passengers to check the flight status in advance.

A spokesperson at the NCM told Gulf News: "On Monday and Tuesday, the weather will be humid overnight and during early morning with fog formation across much areas of the country. Skies will become partly cloudy and hazy during Tuesday."

The rest of the day is also looking hazy at times.

As of 8.36am, weathermen reported that the fog still covered most parts of the UAE.

There will be moderate winds blowing. But, the relative humidity is expected to increase again during the night and early tomorrow morning, with a chance of more fog formation.

The NCM spokesperson said: "Wednesday to Friday, the weather will be fair to partly cloudy in general. While humidity will continue overnight and early morning, the chances of fog and mist formation decreases and may simply be restricted to certain areas during Wednesday and Thursday morning."